In mid 2008, invested in a software solution that enabled .flv videos, primarily from YouTube, to be converted into a number of different video and audio formats. The domain was purchased and a web site was developed utilising this software. After a successful implementation, web site traffic was generated by search engine submissions, web site referrals and user group promotion. By September 2008 traffic was in excess of 120,000 visits per month. The domain and associated web site were quickly sold by October. Home PageIn October 2008 the domains, and were purchased with the intention of introducing 3 new YouTube conversion web sites, over a period of time. The web site was the first new site to be launched in November 2008. This web site had a new look and feel, together with an improved user interface and updated core software, which was better than the original site.

The main benefits of the web site is that it is free, very easy to use and is offered in English, French, Italian and German versions.

Dorchesters Home PageThe web site allows people to convert online YouTube .flv video files into a number of different video formats including .mpg, .mov, .mp4, and .3gp and also audio formats including .mp3 and .wav. Once converted the files can then be saved on the individuals computer. The saved files can then be stored for later viewing, copied to any number of video and audio enabled devices including PC's, Mac's, mobile phones, mp3 players and the downloaded files can even be emailed.

To drive traffic to the web site a number of different promotional solutions have been put into action at once. Search engine submission and site optimisation has been used to gain an initial interest in the site. Further requests to be linked from sites has also taken place ensuring that the web site is becoming more and more well known.

To ensure that the web site gains more popularity visitors are encouraged to use links on each page that will add the site to their favourites or let visitors email a friend about the site. There are also links to a number of the most popular bookmark and content sharing web sites, which makes it easy for visitors to submit CatchYouTube content to these services.

The short term goal for the team is to add advertising to the web site and to therefore generate a revenue stream.

The next focus will be for developing the site to offer the possibility to download and save videos from other video sharing web sites such as

Since its launch in November 2008 the web site is achieving over 155,000 hits a month, thus making the web site an exciting and challenging project for

How To

1. Visit & find a video.


2. Copy & Paste the YouTube URL to

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3. Select a video format for the saved file

Select a video or audio format

4. Click 'Convert & Download'

Convert & Download

5. Wait for the file to be converted

Processing YouTube Video

6. Click 'Download' to save the file

YouTube File Converted & Ready To Download